Git vs. Mercurial

Git Git is fast, efficient, and not too¬†opinionated. Throw-away branches are a plus (and a minus). With this feature, you can create a feature branch to try something out or work on a new feature in isolation. When you’re done, you can merge the branch back to master/dev/whatever, and delete the branch. In fact, this […]

What I Really Want for Christmas 2012

I am becoming less and less concerned about tangible things in my life. A minimalist, I am not…yet. My wife and I are certainly heading down that direction of our yellow-brick road. However, I still want “stuff” for Christmas! So, if I don’t want tangible things, what do I want for the 12 days leading […]

SecuritySwitch 4 is Now Official

It’s now official! You can download the stable SecuritySwitch ASP.NET module for automatically redirecting your users to and from HTTPS. Check it out on Google Code, or just grab it from NuGet. PM> Install-Package SecuritySwitch Enjoy!

SecuritySwitch 4 Goes Beta

SecuritySwitch version 4 has been in beta for a little while now. I’ve received some good feedback with no showstoppers at this point. I am also using the latest beta in one of my production environments with great success. Check out SecuritySwitch on Google Code.

Nintendo Flashback

When going through old stuff, it is amazing what you can come across. I found my original Nintendo. I had wanted to get it out a while back, but wasn’t sure where everything was located. This time I found all parts and played just about every game I have. The plan now is to sell […]

DCIV (in town)

Convert a Value to Nullable

I’ve decided to start a new series-like set of articles on highly reusable code snippets. I write a lot of these types of snippets and figure it’s time to share. Kicking off will be the ConvertToNullable function. Background I despise boilerplate code in general, but I really hate writing the same code over and over […]

Reece Grenades

To all of those wives and girlfriends of gamer guys out there… Next time your guy is playing one of the first person shooters, grab some mini Reece cups or some treat that is comparable and throw it toward him – not at him but in the general vicinity of where he might be able […]

SecuritySwitch Grows Up on Google Code 8

Edit: Due to a trademark infringement, this open source project will now be named SecuritySwitch. What a huge PITA it was to migrate to a new project on Google Code! Since you cannot rename a project, I had to create a new one and move everything over to it. I so enjoyed blowing 2 hours […]

WebPageSecurity becomes SecuritySwitch 1

Edit: Due to a trademark infringement, this open source project will now be named SecuritySwitch. Feel free to read the comment posted by the holder of the trademark on the name I originally planned to use. It was a polite enough message. I think there may be ground for me to stand on with the […]

Pitfall: The Big Adventure on the Wii

For Christmas 2008, we received Pitfall: The Big Adventure for the Wii. We are game junkies and get a bunch most Christmases ranging in lots of different skill sets. We were excited to check this one out since we had played the original Pitfall on Atari and Intellivision. Sometimes it takes us a whole year […]