Welcoming a Remote Revolution

Welcoming a Remote Revolution

Finding good even in bad situations is an aspiration of mine. The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to find such good. This crisis is really, really bad for some people. I do not want to minimize that at all. However, I am reading and hearing about so many good things it has induced.

One of the huge positives I would like to come out of the lock-down/stay-at-home/shelter in place orders is a "remote revolution" of the workplace. So many companies are now forced to have work-from-home policies, and I am even seeing it in the interactions with my company's clients who have traditionally shied away from having video conferences and always insisted on in-person meetings. Instead, we are seeing people turn on the camera. They are actually communicating more often because it is convenient.

I want this to be the new norm. I want businesses to realize remote work is possible now, it can be very productive, and the benefits to both employer and employee are real.

I have been a remote worker for nearly 10 years now. I run my department from home and it is comprised of in-office and remote staff alike. The key to making it successful is having a dedicated space to avoid distractions and promote concentration.

There are more and more businesses finally realizing the benefits, and more importantly, the false detriments, of remote work. For many professions, remote work is extremely compatible.

Welcome a remote revolution with me!

Update (May 12, 2020): Twitter recently announced they are not going to require their employees to report back to the office when California lifts their shelter in place orders. This only applies to employees that are in a role capable of work from home.