Pitfall: The Big Adventure on the Wii

For Christmas 2008, we received Pitfall: The Big Adventure for the Wii. We are game junkies and get a bunch most Christmases ranging in lots of different skill sets. We were excited to check this one out since we had played the original Pitfall on Atari and Intellivision.

Sometimes it takes us a whole year to play all of the games we get since we do have lives outside of gaming. Pitfall was one of those games we didn’t get to until early December 2009. As we were playing it and getting to the point of finding more idols so we could purchase more items from the shamans, we began to search online for a list of the locations of the idols to speed up the process. It wasn’t that we were unable to run around in the game and search for them, but it is just a matter of time and we didn’t want to waste it looking and looking in the game. So, on I looked online. I couldn’t find much of anything in the way of guides for Pitfall: The Big Adventure. I did find a lot of questions and answers but no true guides with people who could actually type full sentences and know how to spell.

I finally found a guide but it was under the name Pitfall: The Lost Expedition. It is one of my favorite sites for game guides: Gamespy powered by IGN. As I was looking at the pictures of the locations of the idols, I saw places and names I recognized. I then started to search for what was going on – two games with similar places, names and pictures? – there must be something odd going on.

After only a few minutes of researching, I found out that Pitfall: The Lost Expedition was released on the GameCube, PS2, Xbox, GameBoy Advance, and PC back in 2004 and has now been discontinued by the manufacturer. After the Wii came out, it was decided to re-release the same Pitfall game but under the new name Pitfall: The Big Adventure on the Wii in 2008. They changed the artwork on the box cover to make it look different but the game is the same other than it has controls that work with the motion of a Wii remote and nunchuk.

I never played the game released in 2004. The re-release has been a fun game that has its frustrating moments due to poor controls at times and a camera that has a mind of its own at the worst times. The graphics (especially) and other parts of the game make a lot more sense now that I know this game, released in 2008, was actually one released in 2004. There is a very cool bonus where you can play the original Pitfall.

So, Pitfall: The Big Adventure is Pitfall: The Lost Expedition. When you are looking for hints or where to find something for Pitfall: Big Adventure just look for Pitfall: The Lost Expedition and you will find tons of help!