Prince of Persia “Combo Specialist” Achievement/Trophy

If you are like many Prince of Persia gamers out there, you have tried tons of different combinations of attack combos in the hopes of finding the right set that will award you that special achievement/trophy; the “Combo Specialist”. The good news is, you do not have to perform all 1,602 possible combos, like the task hint may lead you to believe. You only need to pull off 60 of them. Other guides will tell you 62, 63, or even more, but 60 is the magic number (remember, a combo is actually two or more attacks). I have tested this list at least 10 times with a new user profile each time. There are a few rules to keep in mind when trying to achieve this goal.

  1. A combo cannot kill the enemy. Even the last hit cannot kill your enemy.
  2. A combo cannot be blocked by the enemy. No part of the combo can be blocked for you to succeed.
  3. A combo cannot knock an enemy into a wall or off a ledge. If your combo chain is interrupted by an edge animation, it will not count.
  4. After you successfully complete all 60 combos, you must kill the enemy you are currently fighting before the achievement/trophy is awarded.
A = Acrobatic; G = Gauntlet; M = Magic; S = Sword
  • A,G
  • A,G,A,G
  • A,G,A,M,G
  • A,G,A,M,M
  • A,G,A,M,S
  • A,G,A,S
  • A,M,G
  • A,M,M,G
  • A,M,M,M
  • A,M,M,S
  • A,M,S,G
  • A,M,S,M,G
  • A,M,S,M,M
  • A,M,S,M,S
  • A,M,S,S
  • A,S,S,S
  • G,A
  • G,A,G
  • G,A,M,G
  • G,A,M,M
  • G,A,M,S
  • G,A,S
  • G,G
  • G,M,A
  • G,M,G
  • G,M,M,A
  • G,M,M,G
  • G,M,M,M
  • G,M,M,S
  • G,M,S,A
  • G,M,S,G
  • G,M,S,M,A
  • G,M,S,M,G
  • G,M,S,M,M
  • G,M,S,M,S
  • G,M,S,S
  • G,S
  • M,A
  • M,G
  • M,M,A
  • M,M,G
  • M,M,M
  • M,M,S
  • M,S,A
  • M,S,G
  • M,S,M,A
  • M,S,M,G
  • M,S,M,M
  • M,S,M,S
  • M,S,S
  • S,A
  • S,G
  • S,M
  • S,S,A
  • S,S,G
  • S,S,M
  • S,S,S,A
  • S,S,S,G
  • S,S,S,M
  • S,S,S,S

Want to Know How I Figured It Out?

How do I know that there are 1,602 total combos? How do I know that 60 of them are required for the “Combo Specialist” achievement/trophy? I wrote a software program to figure it out for me!

That’s right. I could not find a definitive list anywhere on the Net. The official game guide does not even list the exact combos necessary to get the award.

You can read about the program that I wrote on If you’re just interested in the code that calculates this award, look near the end of the Contents at the beginning of the article. You can see some very cool screenshots of the application too. Hey, while you’re there, vote me a 5 if you like it!