A Time When Microsoft Sucks

So, after waiting and waiting for the new update of Davis (Bikes) for Burnout Paradise, it was released today. We tried and tried to download it, restarting the Xbox360 I don’t know how many times.. and nothing! We figured the download just wasn’t working for some reason, so we went to the Xbox360 Marketplace and found where to download the new update. When we clicked on it, it told us that since we only have a Silver Membership that we have to wait to download it. What is that crap about?! We paid for the Xbox360, we paid for the Burnout Paradise game, and Criterion (the maker of Burnout Paradise, just in case you didn’t know) released this very cool new update for FREE. So, Microsoft has to be the jerk in all of this and force people to pay for a Gold Membership. I, for one, will not help Microsoft rake in the cash with this sad attempt to cause Silver Membership people grief. I can either wait indefinitely while Microsoft decides they have make enough extra money or we could finally set up my husband’s dad with an Xbox Live membership which comes with a Gold Membership for free for a month. We will just see if the Davis (Bikes) update is available tomorrow… Microsoft shame on you! Criterion keep up the good work!