What I Really Want for Christmas 2012

I am becoming less and less concerned about tangible things in my life. A minimalist, I am not…yet. My wife and I are certainly heading down that direction of our yellow-brick road. However, I still want “stuff” for Christmas!

So, if I don’t want tangible things, what do I want for the 12 days leading to Christmas this year? I’m glad you asked. I want:

  1. currency that is notfunny money“,
  2. the practice of switching back and forth between standard and daylight savings time to go away (it’s just plain unnecessary in 2012),
  3. a conscience that’s just a little more forgiving of me,
  4. to live in a city that’s not completely corrupt and a county that’s not completely broke,
  5. whole foods stores/markets within reasonable reach,
  6. game developers to focus more on co-op multi-player than deathmatch/PVP,
  7. a house that has less…right angles (you heard me),
  8. financial freedom,
  9. more chance to enjoy nature,
  10. deeper, engaging stories in single-player games,
  11. better chances to show my wife I care,
  12. and less worries about safety by moving away from the 2nd highest rated city in the country for violent crime (per capita).